[CROWDFUNDING] 365 Days of Love 2022 Desk Calendar (ETA: November 2021)


IMPORTANT: Calendars will only be shipped in November 2021!

Please scroll to Year 2022 to book your preferred date/s.
Green = Available

Each package is inclusive of:

  • 1 x Date Slot for Your Pet
  • 1 x 365 Days of Love 2022 Desk Calendar
  • Nationwide Free Shipping (please select ‘Free shipping’ on Cart Page)


*Currently, we are only selling the Feature-Your-Pet Package to raise money to print the calendars. The calendars will be given to our featured shelters and independent rescuers to sell, at no extra cost. If you would like to purchase the calendar only (without featuring your pet/s), kindly buy directly from our featured shelters or independent rescuers in November.


Image Preferred: Vertical / 300DPI or 500KB and Above.

(max file size 64 MB)



Feature your pet in our 365 Days of Love Calendar for a good cause!

Calendar Design:

*Conceptual design – subject to change.


Featured Shelters and Independent Rescuers:

  1. S.I Home Shelter
  2. Strive for Animals Welfare – SAW
  3. Mr. Henley Tan
  4. Mdm. Christine Lai
  5. Open for Applications
  6. Open for Applications


Mdm. Christine Lai’s photo courtesy of The Star.


How It Works:






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