Tips to Trick Your Pet to Take Their Medicine Quickly

Just like human children, cats and dogs do not like to eat anything healthy if it’s not served together with something sweet and unhealthy. With the exception of my dog, who generally eats anything but her own food, feeding medicine to your pet can be difficult if your pet is a picky eater. This would […]

10 Common Misconceptions About Dogs

True story, given the hot weather Malaysia is currently facing, my mother suggested to shave our doggo’s fur, so that her body can release heat and keep her cool. However, this is a common misconception about dogs with a double coat. Their fur is designed to allow heat to escape and keep their bodies cool […]

Famous Paintings of Cattos and Doggos

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso In conjunction with The OMG’s Colour for Us 2021, we will take a look at famous paintings of animals. These paintings were painted by well-known artists, and you might even recognize some of them due to their […]

10 Safe Foods For Doggo’s Stomach!

Everyone knows that dogs love our food more than their own, even though theirs is more expensive than our food. However, a lot of foods contain chemicals that are harmful to a dog’s health and enzymes that a dog’s body is not equipped to break down. The commonly known food that is harmful to a […]

Puzzle Toys for Your Bored Dog

Pet toys are normally the kind that your furkid mindlessly chews on, destroys it and moves on to the next one. They have fun, but there is no reward for having fun. There is a category of pet toys called “puzzles” or “IQ trainer” that reward your furkid for using their brains. It’s also a […]

30 Fun Facts About Our Cat Masters

Cats were kept by the pharaohs of Egypt and were given the same royal treatment as their pharaoh humans. They were worshiped by all. Maybe those traits were passed down from generation to generation and that is why they treat us like their slaves? The OMG’s science division will look into this if King Orangee […]

30 Fun Facts About Man’s Best Friend

Dogs were domesticated some 14,000 years ago when their genes split from their wolf ancestor. Since the time they became man’s best friend until now, there are still many things we do not know about our furry friends. Here are 30 fun facts about doggos that even the most hardcore doggo lover might not know. […]

10 Affordable Pet Accessories for Your Furkids

Hey there! Yes, you, the person reading this. Are you looking for some fancy accessories for your pet(s) that won’t break your bank? Good news for you, because we have compiled a list of 10 affordable and fancy accessories that you might want to check out. Feel free to use the products in the list […]

Vets in Klang Valley with House-Call or 24-Hour Emergency Services

Here at The OMG we care about your pet’s well-being. So, for your pet’s medical needs, we have compiled a list of veterinary hospitals and clinics in Klang Valley that offer house-call or 24-hour emergency services. Related Post: 24-Hour Emergency Vets in Malaysia Gasing Veterinary Hospital Emergency services available after operating hours. Business Hours (MCO): […]

7 Places to Get Fresh, Cooked Dog and Cat Food in Malaysia

Nothing beats the smell of home-cooked food. Don’t you agree? So, why is your furkid eating processed food? Just like us hoomans, your furkid’s health will improve when you switch to fresh, healthy and nutritious food. We here at The OMG have rounded up 7 companies that provide fresh, cooked food for your furkid. We […]