A Tail of 2 Cats

“A dog is a man’s best friend, and in this case, I guess a cat is a cat’s best friend.“ — Sudarshan Duke The world is a better place if you have a friend next to you. There are many stories of friendship out there, so allow me to add one more to that book. […]

9 Video Games with Catto in Action

Are you wondering how are you going to fill the gap between now and when Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart or Battlefield 2142 or Halo Infinite releases? Do not worry, fellow gamers, for I have 9 games about cats you can play! (Sounded cooler in my head.) Now to be fair, only 8 of the […]

Petflix n’ Chill 2: 9 Cat Films to Watch With Catto

Seeing how a cat has 9 lives (and is the plot of the new Puss in Boots movie), I thought it was appropriate for me to do a list of 9 cat movies. Sometimes my genius, it almost frightens me. Now, the movies in this list were chosen regardless of their ratings and year of […]

12 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds to Keep Your Nose Happy

Now, you’ve probably read the title and went, “Why 12? Why not 10?” To that, I say, “I always give my 120%.” According to Wikipedia, hypoallergenic or in other words, “below average” or “slightly” allergenic is a term meaning that something (usually cosmetics, pets, textiles, food, etc.) causes fewer allergic reactions. The term is also […]

Rico vs. Godzilla (Sort Of)

It was a normal sunny afternoon. Rico wanted to go out into the backyard as usual, so I opened the door, and she ran out! After a couple of minutes, I heard some hissing noises coming from the backyard. I immediately ran out into the backyard and found Rico trying to play with a giant […]

15 Plants to Keep Your Furkid Away From

Unless you live in a dystopian future where metal, plastic and human greed have wiped out all flora on earth, you probably have some kind of plant growing in or outside your house. Now, if you’re a bachelor like me, you’re probably fine with whatever plants you are growing, as long as you don’t do […]

Unconventional Methods to Find a Lost Pet

Howdy! Coming from The OMG’s infographic post I see. I hope you gained new information from the infographic titled, let me see if I can remember it without looking up the title name, “Conventional Ways to Find Missing Pets”. Hold on, I’m being told that that’s not the name, but for the sake of time […]

5 Cool Gadgets for Your Furkid!

Calling all tech savvy paw parents! Why are you the only one using high tech and the latest gadgets? Why not upgrade your furkid with some cool gadgets? We here at The OMG have put together a list of gadgets that you can get your furkid. Feel free to use the products in the list […]

Petflix n’ Chill: 10 Dog Films to Watch With Doggo

Scared to go to the movies? Bored at home on weekends? Binged watched your favourite TV show and have nothing to watch now? Do not worry, because we have got you covered. Here is a list of dog movies that we created. Now I know what you are thinking, “There are only 10 movies?” No, […]