The OMG in 2021: What Did We Do?

What a crazy year 2021 has been, but we managed to get through it! We are one day away from the new year and all the great things it will bring, but before that, The OMG would like to look back at the year 2021 and highlight our accomplishments in helping animal shelters reduce their food burden, along with all the great people we had the opportunity of working with.

That being said, we couldn’t have accomplished any of the things we set out to do without YOUR support, so for that we are truly grateful. 

So lets take a look at The OMG’s accomplishments in the year 2021 and we hope to see you all next year!

The OMG family would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Run For Dogs 2021 - Fire Element & Cats in the Sky

Event Period: 15 January 2021 – 28 March 2021
Featured Charity: MunMun Furry Sanctuary
Amount Raised: 164kg
Amount Donated: 182.76kg (6 bags of 18kg dry dog food, 3 bags of 20kg dry cat food and 12 tins of canned dog food)

About MunMun Furry Sanctuary:

MunMun Furry Sanctuary is an independent, self-funded and no-kill shelter. Currently, the shelter has a total of 250 dogs and 80 cats. The number continues to grow as there are too many abused and injured furry kids out in the streets in need of their help. Aside from rescuing, they are also active in sterilizing to reduce the stray population. Their main aim is to educate the society the importance of RESPECT, LOVE and WELFARE of the voiceless.

Run For Cats 2021 - Water Element & Be Our Sunshine Pack

Event Period: 9 April 2021 – 6 June 2021
Featured Charity: Shikin’s Team Animal Rescuer (STAR)
Amount Raised: 224.3kg
Amount Donated: 224.8kg (12 bags of 10kg Minka Dry Dog Food, 5 bags of 20kg Misha Dry Cat Food and 12 tins of 400g Misha Canned Cat Food)

About Shikin’s Team Animal Rescuer (STAR):

Animal lover Norashikin Ahmad (Shikin) founded STAR in December 2014. Located in Alor Gajah, Malacca, STAR is home to approximately 90 cats, 60 dogs and 1 monkey. Shikin has risked it all to help our furry friends on the streets and it is now our turn to provide the help she needs to run her shelter.

Run for Dogs 2021 - Earth Element

Event Period: 5 July 2021 – 31 August 2021
Featured Charity: Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW)
Amount Raised: 136.5kg
Amount Donated: 140kg (7 bags of 20kg Adragna Dry Dog Food)

About Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW):

SAW is a no-kill animal shelter located at Selangor formed by a group of young, genuine animal lovers. They have rescued a lot of lives through the years. SAW, established on January 2014, full name ‘Strive for Animals Welfare Association’, exists to fight for animal welfare. SAW is now taking care of more than 300 plus stray animals.

The Gotcha Pack

Event Period: 5 August 2021 – 5 September 2021
Featured Charity: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB)
Amount Raised: 433kg
Amount Donated: 460kg (23 bags of 20kg Adragna Dry Dog Food)

About Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB):

MDDB is dedicated towards giving destitute street dogs and puppies a second chance in life. Formed in 2008 to address the plight of street dogs, MDDB has rehomed more than 4000 rescued puppies and dogs since its inception. Besides rescuing and re-homing, MDDB also advocates and promotes the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) system of street dog management.

Run For Cats 2021 - Air Element & Cats in Boxes

Event Period: 4 October 2021 – 2 January 2022
Featured Charity: S.I Home Shelter
Amount Raised: 271.5kg
Amount Donated: 300kg (20 bags of 15kg Trendline Adult Cat Food)

About S.I Home Shelter:

Located in Shah Alam, S.I Home Shelter houses more than 400 cats and 12 dogs. Some of the cats require special attention – they are either paralyzed, blind, three-legged or suffering from FIV / FIP / PARVO / SPORO / FELV etc. S.I Home Shelter is run by independent rescuers dedicated towards rescuing cats that are in dire need of medical assistance.

Colour For Us 2021

Event Period: 11 September 2021 – 17 October 2021
Featured Charity: Meefah Shelter
Amount Raised: 21.5kg
Amount Donated: 22.46kg (1 bag of 20kg dry dog food and 2 tins of canned dog food)

About Meefah Shelter:

Meefah Shelter is an 11-year-old no-kill shelter founded by the late Madam Chan Mee Fah. It is home to 3000 dogs, 60 cats, 20 tortoises, 1 pig and 1 monkey. The dogs are strays that were caught by local councils and bailed out by animal lovers.

365 Days of Love 2022 Desk Calendar

Event Period: June 2021 – 17 August
Featured Charity: Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW), S.I Home Shelter, Meefah Shelter, Mdm. Christine Lai and Mr. Henley Tan
Total Calendars Donated: 420pcs

About 365 Days of Love 2022 Desk Calendar Crowdfunding:

A crowdfunding effort to to raise funds to print calendars for our featured shelters and independent rescuers. Customers can purchase a date on the calendar they would like to feature their furkid(s). Once all the dates have been sold, the proceeds from the crowdfunding project is used to print the calenders. The calendars are then given to our beneficiaries for free. Our beneficiaries in turn can sell the calendars to raise funds for their operations. 

The OMG Christmas Ruff-le & Ong Ong Pack

Event Period: 1 December 2021 – 26 December 2021
Featured Charity: Kuantan Animal Rescue & Education (KARE)
Amount Raised: 397kg
Amount Donated: 405kg (27 bags of 15kg Trendline Adult Dog Food)

About Kuantan Animal Rescue & Education (KARE):

Located in Pahang, Kuantan Animal Rescue & Education (KARE) is currently home to more than 400 dogs that are rescued from the streets or the Kuantan pound. Run by volunteers and funded by the public, KARE aims to spay and neuter every dog before they are adopted out to a new home. At the moment, due to low adoption rate and lack of manpower, they are not able to take in new rescue cases, unless the situation is dire.

Watch the interview with KARE Chairman, Mr Leonard Chia, below (starts at 9:44 mark).

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