10 Affordable Pet Accessories for Your Furkids

Hey there! Yes, you, the person reading this. Are you looking for some fancy accessories for your pet(s) that won’t break your bank? Good news for you, because we have compiled a list of 10 affordable and fancy accessories that you might want to check out. Feel free to use the products in the list as a reference to shop around for alternatives that are cheaper or have more features. Prices listed below are accurate at the time of writing this article. 

Disclaimer: We will try out best to link online stores with a high number of good reviews. However, we DO NOT guarantee that you may get the same experience as other customers who left good reviews. As always, shop at your own risk.

Now, let’s get to the good part!

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Window Mounted Hammock

Image Courtesy of PetSep.com @ Pinterest

This simple invention allows you to set up a hammock using suctions on your window for you catto to sit and watch the outdoors. It’s very easy to install and shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes. They are relatively cheap, starting from RM 14.

Here is an example we found, for your reference, on Lazada.

Pet Water Bottle

Image Courtesy of leboosh.com

If you and your furkid do a lot of outdoor activities or if you take your furkid on long evening walks, then this product will come in handy. There’s no need to bring their bulky water bowl along – just fill this bottle like you would do with yours! Now your furkid will remain hydrated and you don’t have to carry around that bulky water bowl. These bottles are cheap, starting from RM 20.

Here is an example we found, for your reference, on Lazada.

Pet Cleaning Bath Shower

Image Courtesy of alibaba.com

This is more suitable for medium to large breed dogs. The product is made up of a hose with a shower head that resembles a pet brush. It also has nozzles to allow the water to flow out. You can use this to brush away dirt and dead hair as water continuously softens them. It also agitates the fur so that water can get under the coat, and remove dirt and soap. Before making a purchase, make sure you can attach it to your tap or faucet. The product is on sale from around RM 10. 

Here is an example we found, for your reference, on Lazada.

Car Seat Cover For Pets

Image Courtesy of laptrinhx.com

This cover covers your entire back seat, so pet hair doesn’t get in between crevices and hard-to-reach places. It also protects your seats from their nails and drool. It is great for medium to large sized dogs. Check the measurements of the cover with the measurements of your car’s back seats to make sure they fit before you purchase. They start from RM 50, but maybe you can find a better deal if you spend a bit more time searching. 

Here is an example we found, for your reference, on Lazada.

Reflective Dog Leash

Image Courtesy of ialvenkars.com

If you’re looking for a good quality leash for not much money, you can check out this product. It has reflective elements on it to make it glow when light is shined on it – great for night-time walks. Traffic will be able to see you and your furkid.

Here is an example we found on Shopee for RM 24. 

Pooch Selfie

Image Courtesy of takeandpop.com

Calling all pawrents interested in creating an Instagram account for your furkid! Here is a product that can help you get your furkid to look at the camera. It is a phone attachment that holds a ball. Clip this on your phone and your furkid will keep looking at the ball and indirectly at your phone as well for the that perfect shot! It’s really that simple.

The product is from the USA and you can get one for RM 70 here

However, if you look around, you can find cheaper options, like we found on Shopee.

Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer For Cats

Image Courtesy of amazon.com

It’s a product that emits a safe laser light while rotating 360 degrees automatically. It can keep your catto entertained and take their attention off you while you’re working. It only works if your cat is attracted to laser pointers. The model we found comes with a sensor that prevents over stimulation and peaks your pet’s interest each playtime by limiting the operating time for 15 minutes after every 1.5 hours. They are relatively cheap, starting from RM 40.

Here is an example we found, for your reference, on Lazada.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Image Courtesy of lazada.com

This example comes from Xiaomi, who have created an automatic pet feeder that can feed your pet 5 times a day and can accommodate up to 6 dishes, treats and snacks. The Xiaomi’s compartments are small and can hold enough food for a small sized dog or a cat. Automatic pet feeders like this are useful if you live alone with a pet and work long hours. You can search around for ones that are cheaper or can accommodate food for larger dog breeds.

If you’re interested, the Xiaomi Petwant automatic pet feeder comes in at RM 166.70 and it’s on sale on Lazada

Smart Pet Water Dispenser

Image Courtesy of xiaomi-mi.com

This example comes from Xiaomi, yet again, who have created a water dispenser that keeps the water fresh and clean by sterilisation and filtration. It also comes with a water heater to keep the water at the optimum temperature during cold days. You can monitor various parameters of the water dispenser with the Mijia App. You can search around for ones that are cheaper or hold more water if your furkid consumes a lot of water.

If you’re interested, the Xiaomi Petoneer smart pet water dispenser comes in at RM 128 and it’s on sale on Lazada


Image Courtesy of Mobile Fun

This example comes from Apple, who recently launched their AirTag. It’s a tiny and lightweight tracker that you can attach to anything like keys, bags, etc. In this case, you can attach it to your pet’s collar and use it to track your pet’s location. You do need to purchase an AirTag case with a buckle/clip separately from Apple or get a collar that is design to house an AirTag. 

It comes in handy in cases where you unleash your pet and allow them to wander freely. You can have a peace of mind knowing where your pet is always using your iPhone. It works on both Android and iOS, however it is designed to work best with an iPhone. It is integrated in the Find Your app. There are trackers from other reputable brands or even cheaper ones, but the AirTag offers superior build quality and durability with excellent after sales service and warranty.

If you’re interested, the Apple AirTag comes in at RM 129 for a pack of 4 and on sale on apple.com.my.

I might consider getting that leash since mine has been chewed up and mangled by the beast that occupies a big chunk of my heart. 

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