From a Market Mutt to the Inspiration Behind The OMG

OMG Enterprise was established to, first and foremost, help animals find a better life. To help these friends find a better life, The OMG was created as a brand to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues, and to raise funds to contribute to animal shelters and welfare organizations.

Today, we will look at the life of one of the inspirations behind The OMG. Mr. Gwing “Snappy” Lee, the G of The OMG, is the most senior among his peers.

His life started out abandoned in a polystyrene box in Semenyih Market. Some good Samaritans found him and contacted the canine welfare project, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB). Before he was rescued, he was laying in that polystyrene box for several days. The good people from MDDB brought him to a veterinarian for a check-up. He was diagnosed with a twisted spinal cord and legs.

This was the reason why he was laying motionless. It would also explain why he was abandoned in the first place. As disabled animals are extremely hard to care for, taking up a significant chunk of time and energy, not to mention the emotional strength required to stay strong throughout the challenging period, it is common for their owners to dump them in a crowded area, in this case a market, and hope that someone will care for the animal. 

Since he was born with those deformities, there was no therapeutic cure, the only way was through physical therapy, and even that had slim chances. MDDB proceeded to put up a notice seeking for a fosterer. Not too long before they got a response from Derene, the female hooman of The OMG. She was on her semester break and decided to fill her free time fostering the four-month-old male puppy. The day she went to bring him home from the veterinary clinic, she found him in a filthy state, covered in his own excrement.

The male puppy was very aggressive because he was terrified after all the pain he had been in, not to mention he was starving! He tried to bite anyone who tried to touch him in self-defence. With the veterinarian’s help, she managed to bundle him into a carrier and took him home. Derene was persevering and patient in overcoming the challenges that came with taking care of a dog with disabilities.

She had planned to build him a doggy wheelchair to give him back his mobility. However, before that plan was put into motion, the now called Mr. Gwing, started to show signs of walking. Then, when she least expected it, Mr. Gwing did the most unexpected thing – he learned to walk on his own! Derene saw something in that little puppy that day, a strong will to fight. She knew she was the only one who could keep him motivated to continue fighting, so she made the life-changing decision to adopt him. 

Once he had conquered the staircase, the next challenge to conquer was swimming. His first time in a pool was not a pleasant one, but after some delicious treats, he had plenty of motivation to get back at it. He had so much motivation, he even taught himself most of the tricks he now knows.

Both of them decided to help the NGO that refused to give up on him. Mr. Gwing has helped MDDB raise funds to support MDDB’s rescue endeavours and sanctuary for rescued stray dogs in Rawang, Selangor. Currently, Mr. Gwing and his peers are helping MDDB raise funds by creating the Gotcha Campaign. With every purchase of the Gotcha Pack, The OMG will donate 2kg of dog food to MDDB.

Fast forward ten years later to the year 2021, thanks to Derene’s love and care, Mr. Gwing can walk, run, climb stairs and swim! He can do everything a regular dog can do. He didn’t let his deformity stand in the way of him living a normal life.

At The OMG, we believe that every animal deserves a second chance. Since animals can’t speak, they are unable to tell us if they can fight for their survival, so it’s up to us to not rob them of their second chances. Therefore, The OMG is against euthanasia of perfectly healthy but disabled animals.  

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