Little Potato Disney the Pomeranian

This is a story about how a dog and a human rescued each other. Disney the Pomeranian was saved by her human who gave her a loving and caring home, and Disney in return saved her human from sorrow and loss. 

It all started during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when everyone was going through tough times. Disney’s pawrents had lost their precious Princess Tyra, a Pomeranian, a couple of weeks prior. With them working from home, they were constantly reminded of their loss as they missed seeing Princess Tyra walking, running and playing. Despite their sorrow, they weren’t in any hurry to look for a new baby. Then one day, while browsing the internet on their phone, they came across this little Pomeranian potato looking for her forever home. It was love at first sight and they immediately contacted the pet shop to request for a video call. One thing led to another, and soon, Disney was on her way to their home.

So, you might be wondering, why the name Disney?

Well, the pawrents decided to name her Disney because Disneyland is known to be the happiest place on earth. They soon found out that Disney would become the happiest thing in their lives. According to Disney’s pawrent, the magic she casts on them is just phenomenal. The moment she steps into a room, she emits a positive vibe and she never stops smiling for the entire day. At home, she never stops bringing happiness and laughter to her pawrents, with her smile and cheekiness. Everyone at home always remains cheerful.

Disney was a quick learner and adapted to her new environment almost instantly. For example, she learnt where to relieve herself without much fuss. On her second day, she had mastered the commands to sit, lay down and “give paw”.

After a month, she had mastered at least 12 commands, which made her pawrents enroll her at an obedience school. Given her intelligence, she passed her exams with flying colors, while her cheeky personality allowed her to make many new friends. 

Disney’s first massive party was when her pawrent organized a Pomeranian Christmas Party, where they hosted over thirty fluffy Pomeranians. With more than thirty Pomeranians and Disney in one room, there was ample amounts of barking and lots of gifts were exchanged! But, the most important thing everyone got from the party was making lots of new friends. 

When her first birthday rolled over, it was bittersweet as the pawty had to be cancelled due to yet another lockdown. However, the sweet part of this story is that Disney celebrated her birthday via Zoom with her best buddy cum schoolmate, @snoopy_thepomboy. Even though the main party was cancelled, presents were flooding their home, showing how much she was adored by her friends.

Disney loves water; thus, it was only natural for her favourite hobby to be swimming. According to her pawrent, she can swim for hours and still refuse to get out of the pool. Her second favorite hobby is unsurprisingly, like many other doggos, eating! 

Disney’s pawrents soon realized her talent for photo posing. It came to her naturally and so effortlessly. Seeing how her pawrents are event planners, getting props and costumes was as easy as ABC. Disney is always getting new outfits and when her pawrent sets up the photography background, Disney will be photo ready. 

Disney is the co-founder of the Puff & Tuff Club on Facebook and Instagram. This is a Pomeranian group that is based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. They often organize playdates and gathering. They love to go on adventures and explore the world with their Pomeranian friends. 

We hope that the pandemic blows over quickly so that Disney and her furfriends can resume their adventures and explorations. Maybe Disney can write to The OMG about one of her adventures in the future. We will be very interested in listening and sharing about it to the rest of the community. 

Follow this little potato on Instagram at @disney_pomtato

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