Rover the Show-Stopping Rottweiler

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you heard the name Rottweiler? Was it vicious, ferocious, scary or any similar description? If it was, you’re not alone.

The media has long given Rottweilers an unfairly bad reputation. It’s no wonder that in Malaysia, you will need to get certain licenses and follow a strict set of rules in order to keep a Rottweiler. 

However, Bryant Tan would disagree – with the stereotype, not with the rules of Malaysia – as he has nurtured two lovable Rottweilers. His first Rottweiler, named Evo, was taken prematurely from him at the age of six years old by cancer in 2015. Devastated by the loss of his furkid, he and his wife did a lot of research to find the cause of the cancer and soon concluded that it was Evo’s diet. Following this discovery, they both decided to become Certified Canine Nutritionists. 

In 2017, they decided it was the right time to adopt a dog to shower their love with. Seeing how Bryant was a huge Rottweiler lover since he was young, it was only inevitable that he adopted a two-month-old Rottweiler puppy. Rover, his name, is only fed with nutritious and healthy food, as the couple is now canine nutritionists. 

Bryant posted about Rover’s progress on his Facebook page and soon it got the attention of Rover’s breeder. The breeder noticed that Rover was showing signs of becoming a show ring champion. 

After hearing his evaluation of Rover, Bryant and his wife decided to sign Rover up for the upcoming Rottweiler Specialty Show hosted by The Rottweiler Club of Malaysia. The judges of the competition came from all around the world. With no experience competing in a dog show, Rover snagged the award for Best Male Puppy in Show! This win was a stepping stone for Bryant and Rover, who will go on to win other titles. 

Both of them put in a lot of effort, as they aimed to win more prestigious titles. Bryant, with the help of his wife, spent a lot of time training Rover with various physical and mental exercises to make sure he got the complete package. Bryant shared some of the exercises he put Rover through. 

Daily Up & Downhill Training

The last piece of the training was to consume a healthy and balanced diet to supply Rover’s body with the fuel necessary to produce the large amounts of energy required for the exercises. 

Thanks to Rover’s commitment and hard work, he proved all his critics wrong by winning multiple titles throughout his three years competing in dog shows, despite not having a world class bloodline. These are: 

  1. Best Male Puppy in Show
  2. Best Male Intermediate in Show
  3. Best Malaysia Bred in Show
  4. Best Male in Show
  5. Malaysia Junior Champion 
  6. Malaysia Champion

However, there’s one award that made Bryant the proudest pawrent (it was a proud moment for Rover himself too), which is the Best in Show Specialty (BISS) title – the most prestigious title awarded to a dog at a show.

So, what is the dog show champion doing now? Well, he is happily retired and spending his time with his family. Rover spends his days chilling, relaxing, fooling around with his two other adopted brothers, and occasionally, appearing on camera.

Bryant’s experience thus far with loving two Rottweilers is that they are not the mindless killing machines that the public is familiar with. With the right training, they can be gentle giants – super smart, lovable and obedient! Sadly, due to the frightening stories about Rottweilers circulating out there, it makes it hard for Rover to make any friends at dog parks as the other pawrents are afraid of letting their furkids mingle with Rover.

Bryant says, “To others, he might be a very scary dog, but to us, he’s like a son. Basically, he’s just a real-life teddy bear that is very nice to hug.”

However, he does warn burglars and thieves to not be deceived by Rover’s lovable nature as Rover can switch to “guard dog mode” when threat is detected. 

Bryant has also started a Rottweiler group that has over ten thousand members. So, if you have a Rottweiler and are looking for some friends for him or her, or to learn and teach things about the breed, join this group and connect with other Rottweiler pawrents. 

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