5 Malaysian Pet Brands That Give Back to Animals in Need

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If you are not aware yet, we at The OMG are hell-bent on giving back to animal shelters. However, you also might not be aware of other brands or companies that share our idea. Here are a handful of them, out of many, that we would like to highlight in this article. All of these brands or companies give back to animal welfare one way or another.

Find out how they do it and support their cause while you’re at it.


I’m guessing most of you have probably heard about them or are their customers. They provide high quality and premium diet for your furkid. At the same time, they provide assistance to animals in need and animal shelters each time they can afford it.

The OMG asked a spokesperson from PledgeCare how they are helping animal welfare. We were told they are working towards a business model which allows them to sustain their business and their mission to give back to animal welfare on a monthly basis from the proceeds raised through their products.

They also told us they are currently working on a super secret project which will assist their chosen animal shelters in Selangor. They hope this project will push them towards their goal. Want to find out what it is? Stay tuned to their social media channels!

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The PledgeCare air-dried pet food and treats are available online at https://pledgecare.org/.


The team over at Paws Rehab has already given their time and energy to animal welfare by rehabilitating disabled animals, and giving them their mobility and future back. We wrote an article about a dog named Miracle, who had severe spinal injury and couldn’t move his hindlegs. He is currently in their care. Read his story here.

But they didn’t stop there, they opened Pawlicious.my to sell treats, supplements and other products, and donate a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters. These are the animal shelters under their support:

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If you want to support their cause and get something for your furkid, head to https://thepawsrehab.com/collections.

Alternatively, the items can also be purchased at Paws Rehab, 12, Jalan USJ 19/4A, USJ 19, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Oh My Dog Pet Bakery

We featured these guys in our 10 Cake Bakers in Malaysia That Cater to Furkids article. They are committed to donating 50% of their proceeds to HOPE, an animal shelter at Pekan Nanas, Johor.

If your furkid’s birthday is coming up, or you just want to do something special for them since they bring so much love and joy into your life, consider ordering from them. Oh My Dog Pet Bakery is in Johor and will deliver wherever Grab Delivery is willing to go.

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Let your furkid enjoy Oh My Dog Pet Bakery’s cake whilst donating, head to their Instagram account or Facebook page.


This is an interesting brand. It was started by a husband and wife with the mission to give back to animal shelters. How they came to start the brand is both heart breaking and inspiring. I wouldn’t be able to convey the story with the same impact as they did, so I will link their story here.

Every bandana sold will contribute to a rescued animal receiving veterinarian treatment and medication. They also sell hair scrunchies and you can get it designed to look like your furkid’s bandana! They will be celebrating their one-year anniversary next month, so stay tuned for a new product introduction!

They do a lot for animal welfare in return for nothing much. They have donated to:

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If you wish to style up your pooch and yourself with your very own Harper-Bandana and Hair-Scrunchie, head to https://www.harper-bandanas.com/.

Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW)

SAW is a no-kill animal shelter located at Selangor formed by a group of young, genuine animal lovers. They have rescued a lot of lives through the years. SAW, established in January 2014, full name ‘Strive for Animals Welfare Association’, exists to fight for animal welfare. SAW is now taking care of more than 300 plus stray animals.

To help support all those strays, they created their own line of pet shampoo. It’s a mixture of lavender and coconut oil which will definitely smell good!

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Head to https://striveforanimalswelfaresaw.easy.co/products/saw-lavendar-coconut-oil-gentle-pet-shampoo to get SAW Lavendar & Coconut Oil Gentle Pet Shampoo delivered to you.

In addition, they are our featured shelter for Run for Dogs 2021 – Earth Element. So, if you want to help them, but you don’t have pets and have no use for the shampoo, you can register for our 5km virtual run. Every run completion will contribute to food being donated to the strays at SAW.

We hope this article will help these brands find new supporters to help them in giving back to animal welfare.

If you are one of those brands that weren’t featured here, fret not! Just drop us a line and tell us how you give back, and we will be sure to feature your brand in our next list.

I personally bought some treats from PledgeCare before uploading this article. How about you? See you in the next one.