The Miracle Fighter

Disclaimer: The following post contains images that may be disturbing to some readers.

It’s true that not every hero wears a cape. Some of them just have a heart of gold. The love displayed by Vicneswary for Miracle got him through a life-and-death situation, and in the end, gave him his future back.

On the 22nd of April 2021, independent rescuer, Vicneswary Anthony, was driving to work just like any other weekday. However, on that day, she noticed something unusual – a man holding a sack trying to cross the Shah Alam Expressway, or better known as Kesas Highway. When she looked to where he wanted to get across to, she saw a black dog on its forelegs, dragging its broken hind legs on the fast lane. Without waiting for her next heartbeat, she pulled over into the emergency lane, got down from her car and ran towards Meng, the man with the sack. 

Meng and Vicneswary stopped the traffic one lane at a time to get across the highway, to the fast lane. That’s four lanes of traffic. When they reached the black dog, he was being aggressive as his instincts told him to defend himself, and Vicneswary recalled the dog’s mouth being covered in blood. Both of them managed to get him into the sack and carried him back across the highway to Meng’s car. Vicneswary told The OMG, she was grateful that Meng was there to help, even though he is not a rescuer. Even Meng couldn’t turn a blind eye to the black dog’s situation.

Meng offered to take the dog to a nearby veterinary clinic he was familiar with. The dog was immediately stabilised upon reaching the vet. The black dog needed an x-ray scan for the vet to further evaluate his injuries. However, this clinic did not have that facility. Therefore, he was sent to another veterinarian clinic where the vet determined from the x-ray scan results that he had severe spinal injury. After the evaluation, he was transferred back to the first clinic, and the ball was passed back to Vicneswary and Meng to decide the next course of action. 

X-Ray Image of Miracle
X-Ray Image of Miracle

Vicneswary told us, she had never visited this clinic before, and from the research she did on the clinic, it had mostly positive reviews. However, she told us she did not feel the same after her visit. The staff told her the dog had little to no chance of recovery from his paralysis and due to his aggressive behaviour, there was nothing much they could do.

When Vicneswary went to see him in his cage, he looked like he was in tremendous pain and was being aggressive, like biting the bars of the cage. As she looked at him lying in the cage on IV drips, she saw in his eyes that he was depressed and had given up on living. However, she wasn’t ready to give up on him and if he wasn’t willing to fight for his life, she would do it for him! So, she decided to have him transferred to Lee Veterinary Clinic located in Kuchai Lama.

Vicneswary met with Dr. Lee to explain the black dog’s current state of health. With no hesitation and full of optimism, Dr. Lee agreed to treat the black dog. Vicneswary left the clinic feeling hopeful.

On the day of the appointment, Meng and Vicneswary headed over to the first clinic to discharge the black dog from their care. To their horror, they found him in a condition worse than when he was admitted. The fact that he wasn’t flipped or moved just added to his degraded condition. The part of the body that was in contact with the cage was bruised and had developed sores. 

She wasn’t going to let them off the hook and demanded for an explanation, but all she got from the staff was excuses, like the dog was being aggressive, and they didn’t have the expertise nor the manpower to handle him.

While she was loading the black dog into her car, she looked at him. She said and I quote, “I wasn’t sure if he was telling me if he wants to fight or want me to end his misery.”

She had everything planned out for him, from getting a second opinion if any surgery could be done to acupuncture therapy to chiropractic treatment. But after looking at him, she began doubting his chances. She felt hopeless and broke down. Her sister, Pakialetchumy Antoni and friend, Nusrat Al Jafree, stood by her and gave her the strength to pull herself together. Vicneswary told herself that if the black dog wanted to leave, he would have done it long before Meng and her found him.

He still had a little fight in him, and all he needed was someone to give him a hand and show him some love. After everything the both of them have been through, she decided to name him Miracle.

When they reached Dr. Lee’s clinic, she welcomed him with so much love and compassion. This was clearly displayed when Dr. Lee held Miracle’s paw despite him snapping at her. Miracle soon realised the energy here was much more positive and calmed down. He finally felt he was safe and no longer had to defend himself.

After Dr. Lee’s assessment, she called them in to share her professional opinion on Miracle’s condition. Vicneswary made it clear that euthanasia was not an option. With this in mind, Dr. Lee suggested that they take things one step at a time. She would first clean him up and treat the wounds and the bruises, while they come up with a recovery plan for Miracle. Vicneswary agreed to this, as she was told by her friend Nusrat Al Jafree that if Miracle must go, let him go with dignity. 

Miracle being give a bath
Wounds can be clearly seen after a shaving his fur

Dr. Lee and the team at Lee Veterinary Clinic shaved and cleaned Miracle, and then proceeded to treat his wounds and bruises. They made him a comfy bed out of blankets to prevent his body from developing sores. They even went the extra mile and hand fed Miracle. Dr. Lee sent a photo to Vicneswary after Miracle had settled in. From looking at the photo, she instantly knew that he was in better hands. Vicneswary said and I quote, “Lee Veterinary is example of a vet that has compassion and love.”

After numerous sessions with the chiropractor and currently undergoing rehabilitation with physiotherapy sessions, he has regained the hope of life. He fought for this moment and achieved it.

Vicneswary would like to thank Meng, Dr. Lee and the team from Lee Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Rebecca Tan for her chiropractic sessions, Sydney Chik and the team from Paws Rehab, the generous donors, and all well-wishers!  

If there is one thing anyone can learn from Miracle is giving up is easy, but fighting for your goal is difficult. However, the joy and rewards from achieving your goal will be worth the struggle. Having someone to help you and believe in you is a bonus. Without everyone who was involved, Miracle wouldn’t have a second chance at life. 

The OMG would like to thank Meng and Vicneswary for deciding to stop and help, and everyone who did not give up on Miracle. All of us here at The OMG would like to wish Miracle a speedy recovery and we hope to see him running and playing with a loving family soon.

Miracle is looking for a new family. If you’re interested in adopting and loving him, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Vicneswary Anthony through one of the channels below:

Call/WhatsApp: +6017-586 6544


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