Yoda the Jedi Master Doggo

This story would have been perfect for May the 4th. It’s quite rare to find pets named after a character from pop culture, but we managed to find one! We sensed that the force was strong with this one. As a Star Wars fan myself, I wanted to know more about this dog named after Jedi Master Yoda, or Baby Yoda to you Mandalorian fans.

This story is short and powerful, just like Yoda himself.

‘Yoda’, the legendary Jedi Master from Star Wars, master of Luke Skywalker. Never would I have thought that the name ‘Yoda’ would one day mean so much to us. Until a 2-month-old puppy came into our lives. From then on, it was ‘Yoda sit!’, ‘Yoda no!’, ‘Yoda fetch!’ round-the-clock. Initially, calling out ‘Yoda’ felt distant, our minds would still associate it with Star Wars. Now, he plays an essential role in our lives, more than just a pet: a loyal audience, night watcher, exercise buddy, and the proverbial man’s best friend. Interestingly, having him as an addition to the family brought us closer together for trips to the pet shop, managing his Instagram account, and evening walks were always a team effort. Today, the name ‘Yoda’ is ever so familiar and homely that his place in our hearts will never be replaced.

Yoda’s Pawrent

That’s the superpower of dogs – bringing the family together. The common notion is that dogs are for protecting your property from trespassers, but they are not just for that. Like Yoda’s pawrent points it out, dogs are loyal audiences, night watchers, exercise buddies, and the proverbial man’s best friends.

Hrrmmm. Continues showering the family with love and affection we hope Yoda does. Yes, hrrrm. Yoda and his family have a blessed life The OMG wishes. Hrmmm. May the force be with you Yoda!

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