Meet Cooper Meno the Super-Pawdel

Occasionally, someone finds a way to unlock a dog’s hidden talents. In this story, Audrey Meno discovered Cooper Meno’s talent for being a pawdel. As with all models, we must first get to know the model and his story.

On 10th January 2019, a Toy Maltese who will come to be known as Cooper Meno was born. His favourite food and snacks are just about everything in his line of sight. He will carry his food bowl to ask for his favourite food which are carrots, cabbage and fruits.

According to his pawrent, Audrey Meno, this little white bundle of joy protects his family from bullies. Cooper dislikes bullies and will start barking when he senses aggression from people towards his family. He shows that you don’t have to be big in size, just have to have big courage to protect one’s family. Okay, so what about people just looking for some sugar? Well not to worry, he has all the sugar that anyone ever needs. All you need to do is ask for kisses and he will keep licking your lips until he is satisfied. However, if you are on Cooper’s favourite-person list, then you don’t have to ask as he will ask for cuddles and kisses from you and keep asking until he is satisfied. But don’t worry if you’re not on the list, as he is friendly and kind to everyone! Well, as long as you are not a bully.

Cooper loves his toys. He loves soft plush toys that make a squeak sound when pressed. He uses these toys as part of his genius plan to get your attention. He will keep making the toy squeak until someone plays with him. If that fails, his plan B is to toss subtlety aside and take the direct approach by dropping his toys in front of you. Even if you are busy with work, that doesn’t stop him from trying to get your attention away from work and onto him. He pulls this off by standing in front of his toy with sad looking eyes and, according to Audrey, crocodile tears running down his cute little face.

When he is not coming up with schemes to get your attention, he is busy exploring the world. Audrey tells us he loves going outside with her family and every time he knows he can go out, he will grab his favourite toy along with him and hops in any bag, whether it fits him or not. Inside this bag, he is very calm and quiet, a total opposite of what he is at home. Therefore, he remains under the radar of most people. Now, if all dogs can behave this way. The people who do notice him, call him “a dog who lives in a bag” because that’s where they will find him, in a bag or a basket.

Now, there are not many things Cooper is afraid of, given his job as the family’s guardian. However, there is one thing that scares him and most children, the clinic, or in this case, the veterinarian. When Cooper was just 3 months old, he had a bacterial infection, which involved IV therapy into his tiny veins. This experience was unpleasant for Cooper, which started his fear for the veterinarian. Audrey recalls the time the vet told her he was being overly dramatic and crying while getting his vaccine shot.

Cooper is what we call a YouTube star, thanks to his ability to quickly learn new tricks. He is calm and motivated by food. He will wait patiently until he hears the word “OK”. One of his many tricks is to hold food in his mouth or head without dropping it, and only eats it when he hears the word “OK”.

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He also knows who his best friend is. If you ask him, “Who is your best friend?”, he will reply by placing his paws on his sister. According to Audrey’s own words, “Such a cutie pie.”

When he was only 3 months old, he would sit still and allowed to be photographed. It was then Cooper realised his passion for being a Super-Pawdel. He knows when people are taking a picture and will stop whatever he is doing and stand still. He will even look at the camera or the phone until the photo is taken. His social media is proof of this. Links are at the end of the article.

Check out his social media account. You might find one that puts a smile on your face like it did on mine. We at The OMG would like to wish Cooper Meno all the best in his pawdelling career. Find the links to his social media accounts below.

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