A Tail of 2 Cats

“A dog is a man’s best friend, and in this case, I guess a cat is a cat’s best friend.

— Sudarshan Duke

The world is a better place if you have a friend next to you. There are many stories of friendship out there, so allow me to add one more to that book.

It all started with Jimmy & Rocky’s family being animal and cat lovers. Their family always give leftover food to the stray cats in their back alley. They can’t bear to see the stray cats go to sleep hungry. Therefore, it was only inevitable that Jessy adopted a stray cat living at the back alley of her house and named her Goldie.

Little did she know, another cat was about to come into her life – the soon-to-be known Rocky was hanging around her neighbour’s gate. When she found Rocky, he seemed to be lost and had slight skin problems. Her sister rescued the 3-month-old Rocky and gave him a well-deserved bath with medicated shower cream. He has been occupying their hearts since December 2007.

Jimmy on the Top; Rocky on the Bottom

Fast forward 3 months and Goldie gave birth to a litter of kittens. Jessy being the die-hard cat lover that she is, decided to look after the litter. There was a black sheep among the litter – Jimmy was always hissed at by his 3 other siblings and had nobody to play with him. Jimmy likes to play a lot, and this attracted the attention of Rocky. Rocky started to play with Jimmy and their friendship started to grow. Even though they were good friends, Jimmy’s mother, Goldie still watched over her son to make sure that Rocky did not bully him. However, she had nothing to worry about.

Jimmy on the Bottom; Rocky on the Top

This friendship was showcased the best when Jimmy & Rocky started sharing a bed even though they each had their own. The cats sleep in shallow boxes. The box is just enough to accommodate one chubby cat, but still, both the chubby cats squeeze themselves into one box. They keep each other company and even groom each other. Now if that’s not friendship at its pinnacle, I don’t know what is.

Jimmy on the Right; Rocky on the Left

I hope that their friendship stands the test of time. Thank you for showing us what true friendship looks like.

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