Rico vs. Godzilla (Sort Of)

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It was a normal sunny afternoon. Rico wanted to go out into the backyard as usual, so I opened the door, and she ran out! After a couple of minutes, I heard some hissing noises coming from the backyard. I immediately ran out into the backyard and found Rico trying to play with a giant lizard! Rico was trying to pounce on the lizard and the lizard was protecting itself by hissing and swinging its tail. Rico had the lizard against the outside wall of my house. The lizard had nowhere to run, and Rico was circling the lizard while keeping a safe distance from its tail. 

A person sitting on a couch holding a lizard

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Source: Pinterest/@belvedere_413

I started to panic because this lizard was massive! I yelled at Rico to get her to back off, but she just ignored me. So, I ran towards the heat of the standoff, grabbed Rico, and carried her inside. The lizard took this opportunity to make a run for it! Once inside, Rico insisted on going back out there by scratching the door, however her attempt failed and after a couple of minutes, she gave up and moved on with her day. 

Suffice to say, I always double check the backyard now before letting the lone ranger out into the backyard.

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