The OMG is a social enterprise founded by two individuals dedicated to helping local animal welfare groups. Our mission is to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues and to inspire the better treatment of companion animals, one event at a time.

By volunteering with different organizations, we came to know that most animal rescue groups and shelters are short of adequate manpower as well as the resources to support and maintain the quality of care for their animals. A lack of education and knowledge of the general public about their work further exacerbates their existing problems.

Hence, in addition to raising funds and supplies for these charitable causes, we also hope to help establish a culture of respect for animal welfare through our campaigns and events. The first campaign to kick-start our plans is “Walk for Dogs” – a campaign that allows you to support a cause by simply walking your dog (or yourself).

Fighting for the rights of our furry companions in a place where they are widely misunderstood is, without a doubt, an uphill battle. Nonetheless, it is still a battle we must fight in order to build a kinder, more tolerant community.

Woofs & Meows,
The OMG Team